Signs From Above - Doreen Virtue & Charles. ISBN: 9781401918514

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Signs From Above: Your Angels' Messages About Your Life Purpose, Relationships, Health & More

Keep your angels with you everywhere - the small format makes this book ideal for purses and desk drawers.
Learn how to ask the angels for signs, along with specific prayers for relationships, career, health and other areas of life

AUTHOR:  Doreen Virtue & Charles
YEAR:  2009
ISBN:  9781401918514

Our angels are always with us, and talking to us; helping to guide us through life’s many experiences. However, we need to learn how to ask for guidance, to listen to the angels’ messages and to interpret the signs they send. In this fascinating book, Doreen Virtue and her son Charles teach us how to understand the signs that are around us and how to ask the angels for help with particular areas of life.

Exploring the more common ways that heaven delivers messages (angel-shaped clouds, coins, feathers, rainbows, meaningful songs), and interweaving these with personal stories of how people were guided, protected and healed by their angels, this book is an uplifting and comforting book for anyone who wants to know more about how to communicate with their angels.