The Moontime Diary 2014 - Australia - Virgo Moon Pages

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Moontime Diary is in its eighth year now and 2014 is marked as a very prosperous year! Perfect for those interested in well-being, home, gardening, Astrology, traditional and new age knowledge, pagans, crystals and much more...

Now $15.00!

The Moontime Diary® is elegant, timeless and resilient. It features all the diary essentials plus
•    An Introduction on ‘How to fine tune to the Moon’
•    Helpful Tables for Health, Beauty, Home and Garden
•    Daily Moon Position and Phases and Practical Pointers
•    Daily Planetary Aspects plus Aspect Interpretations  Back by popular demand
•    Inspiring and Beautiful Johfra Zodiac Illustrations
•    Gisela’s Weekly Forecast  Back by popular demand
•    Monthly Planetary Tables
•    Gardening by the Moon
•    Pagan Observances
•    Astrological Signs and Houses
•    Detailed Astrological Affinity Table
•    Crystal Cleansing and Programming and much more

The Moontime Diary® 2014 ( book 176 pages)