The Dark Of The Soul by Liz Greene - ISBN 9781900869287

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Astrology: The Dark of the Soul by Liz Greene

Liz Greene continues to give us all the benefit of our amazing analysis. It's true that there is a lot more modern psychoanalytical theory than most astrology books, but the astrological synthesis, the book has a very encouraging effect upon my own imagination.

Title: The Dark Of The Soul, Psychopathology in the Horoscope - Vol 20
Author: Liz Greene
Isbn: 9781900869287
Format: Paperback, 350 Pages

Liz Greene's fascinating and complex book which explores the human psyche in a psychologically and astrologically well-founded manner. It is a book that apparently deals with 'the others' - with psychopaths, madmen and scapegoats. And yet, the reader can feel that this also concerns him or her, and thus the book becomes highly personal.
In all three parts of the book, Liz Greene explores extreme states of the psyche astrologically. They are transcripts of seminars she held at the "Center for Psychological Astrology".

The Dark Of The Soul
by Liz Greene. The three seminars in this book use astrological perspectives to explore a spectrum of extreme psychological states, from the condition known as psychopathy to the collective mechanism of scapegoating as much a pathology as any diagnosed mental illness.

Astrologers often avoid confronting the issues of madness and human destructiveness, and political correctness has made it even more difficult to face such issues honestly and without sentiment or hypocrisy. But only by exploring the roots of what we call madness can we find any positive and creative approach to the mystery of why some individuals fail to cope constructively with life's challenges.

The Dark Of The Soul by Liz Greene  will sometimes shock and disturb, but it is an invaluable resource for any practicing astrologer concerned with the dilemma of human suffering, and any lay person wishing to understand how astrology can contribute to our comprehension of human behavior.