Read People Deeper by Rose Rosetree, Isbn: 9780975253830

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Read People Deeper by Rose Rosetree

Body Language + Face Reading + Auras

Title: Read People Deeper
Author: Rose Rosetree
Year: 2008
Isbn: 9780975253830
Format: Paperback, Pages 277 

For more success at work, more happiness in your social life, read people deeper. you can learn who just pretends to be a good listener, who is likely to hurt your feelings or cheat on you, who has a drinking problem. Sure he's smiling now, but could he turn violent? Is she a secret control freak? Does he spend money like crazy? People aren't always what they seem. Read People Deeper makes it easier to probe more, worry less. Work relationships, neighbours, even friends you make online-with Read People Deeper you can read them all.