The Roar Of The Huntids by Rose Rosetree, Isbn: 9780965114554

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The Roar Of The Huntids by Rose Rosetree

An uncommon, offbeat story of a woman's spiritual awakening

Title: The Roar Of The Huntids
Author: Rose Rosetree 
Year: 2002
Isbn: 9780965114554
Format: Paperback, pages 357

Set in 2020, The Roar Of The Huntids can be read as a thriller or satire as well as a tale of spiritual awakening. As a result of the Huntid's invasion, Rachel Murphy's comfortable life as a wife and mother is changed beyond recognition. She becomes a skilled Empath in spite of herself, experiencing the feelings of others as if they were her own and when it counts most, she volunteers as a warrior in the battle over the Huntids.