Healing Meditations For Children

Price: $30.00

VIHCD028 - Healing Meditations For Children

by Raphael Alexander Segal

Helps children to relax, be creative and experience a healing journey. Raphael, who is very creative, has been inspired from a young age to write stories to assist himself and others with their healing.

The tracks on this CD are designed for children to listen to privately or as part of a meditation group.

01 The Angel & the Magic Treasure Chest
02 Rainbow Healing - Colours for Kids
03 Create a Great Life - The Magic Movie Screen & The Three Wishes
04 The Secret Password to Feel Happy - Relaxing on the Beach
05 Activate Positive Potential - Affirmations for Fun & Focus
06 Music for Meditation - Experience Peace & Joy

“I’ve listened to Raphael’s CD – tell him I think it’s fantastic. Personally I think it’s a great CD for adults too, who are wanting to feel what it is like to be a child again – beautiful!”- Jo Newton (Grace Newton Ltd)

"This is an amazing CD. It is brilliant. Raphael is so talented and makes a great contribution."
- Andrew
"I played it to my class at school and all the children loved it."
- Mary (School Teacher)