History Of White Magic By Gareth Knight, Isbn: 9781908011046

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Magic: History Of White Magic By Gareth Knight

The world of magic is one of high imagination. In this wide-ranging historical survey Gareth Knight shows how the higher imagination has been used as an aid to the evolution of consciousness, from the ancient Mystery Religions, through Alchemy, Renaissance Magic, the Rosicrucian Manifestos, Freemasonry and 19th century Magical Fraternities, up to the modern era.

Title: History Of White Magic
Author: Gareth Knight
Isbn: 9781908011046
Format: Paperback, 208 Pages, 25 Illustrations
Year: March 31st 2011
Category: Magic

Gareth Knight considers magic as a middle ground between science and religion, reconciling them in a technology of the imagination, which properly used, can bring about personal regeneration and spiritual fulfilment. Gareth Knight uses Coleridge's theory of the imagination as a basis for the validity of magic as science and art in its own right. Many systems and structures have come down through the ages slightly shoddy, misrepresented, maligned, misaligned. With History Of White Magic a deconstruction becomes a recycling of raw material for the purposes of re-ordering and re-configuring – a righted prism, a shored up temple, a foundational re-ballasting.

"It is obvious from the beginning of a History Of White Magic that we have here a work revealing the author's spiritual maturity, a work with a definite message and structure, rather than the piecemeal gathering of snippets of information which often is offered in books with this sort of title, by inferior authors with little occult understanding."?— The Hermetic Journal