Inner Self Guidance Cards by Lin Bell

Price: $16.95

Inner Self Guidance Cards
Author: Lin Bell
Format: 120 Cards

Lin Bell has created a wonderful oracle, select a few and let them unfold directing you to an accurate answer to your question.

120 different Messages including, Take the Risk, Choose, Accept What is, Willingness, Physical Action, Get What I Want, Judgment Separates.......

Use these Inspirational Cards to open up a whole new doorway to your Intuition, bringing Clarity and Awareness into your Life.

They’re great as a gift and fit neatly into a small pouch.

Instructions for Inner Self Guidance Card Spread.

Use the Inner Self Guidance Cards by picking a three day as an overview
If there’s an issue that needs addressing, pick one or more cards (as many as are needed), and as the inner questions and answers arise, use them as confirmation of That which is your Knowing.
Pick a few and let them unfold a storyboard for your question.
Why not snuggle up with yourself and pick a card, just to see what the flavour is. It’s like an email from Source!
May these cards assist in awakening Peace and Love in the Hearts of all Beings of the Universe.

About Lin Bell:

I love traditional culture. Born in South Africa, I was introduced to my spirituality through my mother’s love and my father’s practice as a spiritual healer. I’ve followed many paths which led me to learn with traditional teachers, healers and elders around the world. I continue to explore life’s great mysteries and I’m blessed to live in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland.

12 years ago, I created the popular Inner Self Guidance Cards.

I receive many emails requesting them from all over Australia and overseas. I also teach Inner Self Deeper Journeys Workshops for connecting to Source, accessing intuition, and teach tools for spiritual awareness, communication and meditation

I support you in a safe environment to see deeply into the emotional patterns and abandoned aspects that cause distress in your life.

By gently going into the feelings, we move into acceptance, tensions diffuse and understanding comes. Balance is restored so you can move forward with clarity. Sessions are completely confidential.

I’ve practiced in the healing arts for over 30 years as a counsellor, spiritual healer, Kinesiologist, intuitive tarot reader and Lomilomi bodyworker. My specialty is working with emotional issues, accessing core patterns.

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