Wiccan Cards, The Dance Of Life by Lo Scarabeo, Isbn: 9780738707938

Price: $19.95

Tarot Cards: Wiccan Cards, The Dance Of Life by Lo Scarabeo

Walk the path of the Wise Ones with these enchanting cards. The Celtic-inspired art of the Wiccan Cards features the symbols of the Wiccan way, including the Goddess, the Elements, and magical tools and rituals.

Title: Wiccan Cards, The Dance Of Life
Author: Lo Scarabeo
Isbn: 9780738707938
Format: Tarot Cards (Set of 32)
Year: 2006
Category: Tarot Cards

The 32 Wiccan Cards by Lo Scarabeo are specially designed to be an easy introduction to Wicca showing symbols from Pagan life. Pleasantly, the cards have minimal text and thin borders, the less to distract from the images.

The 33 cards can be used both upside and reversed, the meaning may change when they are reversed and may have a different, sometimes less favorable meaning. The Wiccan Cards are divided into 4 element cards, 2 God cards, 8 cards representing the 8 High Sabbaths, 3 Master cards and 16 cards with symbols of Pagan life. The Wiccan Cards can also be used for ritual magic as a kind of focus in spell work or for meditation.