Relationships & Life Cycles by Stephen Arroyo,

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Astrology Books: Relationships & Life Cycles by Stephen Arroyo

Relationships And Life Cycles: Astrological Patterns Of Personal Experience, Stephen Arroyo's highly regarded lectures on astrology, this book looks at the aspects between charts, elemental compatibilities, Sun and Moon and outer planet aspects as well as the transits in synastry.

Title: Relationships & Life Cycles
Author: Stephen Arroyo
Isbn: 9780916360559
Year: 1993
Format: Paperback
Category: Astrology Books

Relationships & Life Cycles is another example of Stephen Arroyo's expertise and is presented in lecture style, paying some very special attention to transits as life processes. The insights in this book are designed to help the Astrologer/student learn to form their own actually think when interpreting a chart! Invaluable aid as it is, I recommend it highly to those wishing to understand more about synthesis in their interpretations... chart comparisons may be especially useful also. A cool attitude about difficult transits of the outer planets will put many minds at ease concerning these difficult times we all must face, and this part of Relationships & Life Cycles is definitely worth buying!

This second edition now includes a comprehensive index to make this wealth of insight even more accessible. The spontaneous quality of this book makes it especially valuable and unique, since it includes numerous insights and "tidbits" of information not found in more conventional presentations.