Free From Lies: Discovering Your True Needs by Alice Miller

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Title: Free From Lies: Discovering Your True Needs by Alice Miller

Title: Free From Lies: Discovering Your True Needs
Author: Alice Miller
Isbn: 9780393338508
Year: 2009
Format: Paperback
Category: Psychology

Free From Lies: Discovering Your True Needs by Alice Miller is a therapeutic encounter with one's own life's story. Dr. Alice Miller, author of such world-renowned books as the Drama of the Gifted Child and The Truth Will Set You Free, has devoted her life to empowering people who have severe symptoms from denying that they suffered physical and emotional abuse as children. Here, in Free from Lies, she tackles uncharted territory as she shows how former victims can finally heal the scars of their youth by finding the true history of their childhood instead of denying it.

Abandoning traditional concepts of psychoanalysis that often - like society on the whole - protect the parents and accuse the child, Alice Miller explains why a therapist should become a partial, empathic witness to the survivor of obvious cruelty rather than a neutral analyst. She further provides a guide to help patients find the right therapist who will always and unconditionally stay on the side of the wounded child. Alice Miller explains as well how to identify the causes of the unconscious pain that manifests itself later as depression, self-mutilation, primal inadequacy, and loneliness.

The journey "from victims to destroyer" explores the dynamic that turns once-abused children into abusive parents. Alice Miller's revolutionary analysis of this cycle of destruction helps us understand what occurs when the abusive behavior reaches beyond the family unit to threaten the whole society. Abusers are able to deny the most obvious and absolutely undeniable facts without the slightest hesitation. They imitate their parents, who were teaching them to lie by telling their children that they were beaten "out of love." As Free from Lies makes clear, this cycle of suppression and repression of truth originates in a cultural mindset that accepts, and even condones, child abuse by calling it "the right upbringing." Excerpts from Alice Miller's answers to the startling readers' letters sent to her Web site show that a wide variety of abuse is inflicted daily on children throughout the world.

The media's attention is only captured by extreme cases, but the plight of children who are regularly subjected to ordinary abuse in their "upbringing," like spanking, kicking, and others forms of humiliation, remains silenced or even highly encouraged by many.
Held hostage by anger, guilt, and denial, survivors of child abuse will find in Free from Lies the tools necessary to break the cycle, because Alice Miller's compassion, experience, and guidance provide a much-needed liberation from the crippling lies transferred to us for millennia.


Childhood, the base for the rest of our lives... why as parents would we ever choose to make it a cruel base? It is time to wake up, stop repeating what was done to us, discover new loving ways to treat our children, admit our parents did it wrong and not feel the need in the very same breath to excuse that. We all have choices in life, we do not have to spank/beat our kids just because it was done to us. We can think for ourselves and realize that hitting a child can NEVER be right or justified... it is just purely barbaric. Alice Miller suggests we think of a giant coming over to us and hitting us over and over... just think about that... How would one feel? Scared, petrified, humiliated, hatred towards this giant, wanting revenge.... all of these would be a typical response... And this is exactly what children do feel as it is being done to them by their parents (the giants). Yet because they are children, this is considered okay???!?! Yet if this happened to an adult by a 30 foot giant, everyone would be against the giant... but again, a child... this is called parenting, this is called discipline... this is called BLINDNESS. - Thank you Dr. Miller for the truth.