Tarot Learning Cards by Jadzia DeForest & Jay GreenMan DeForest

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Tarot Cards: Tarot Learning Cards by Jadzia DeForest & Jay GreenMan DeForest

Title: Tarot Learning Cards
Author: Jadzia DeForest & Jay GreenMan DeForest
Isbn: 9780982884409
Format: Card Set
Year: 2011
Category:  Tarot Card Set

Living Magick Learning Card Series.
The Tarot Learning Cards deck was created with the beginner in mind. This is a full deck featuring the traditional 78 cards, with 56 minor arcana cards and 22 major arcana cards.
Several instructional cards accompany the deck that include how to use this deck, Numerology, Court cards, Suits and Elements, Terminology, Recommended Reading, and About Reversals.

Each card is double sided with the symbol and name of the card on the front and the description on the back. The card descriptions include the suit theme theme, card theme, numerology correspondence, and keywords for both the upright and reversed card interpretations. The Major Arcana cards have astrological associations. Zodiac signs and Court card theme are included on the Court cards.
There are 84 unique cards in the Tarot Learning Cards deck. This deck features oversize cards, large font size, double-sided flashcards, printed on quality card stock, packaged in lift off top heavy duty box.

Self study flash cards, designed by Jadzia DeForest & Jay GreenMan DeForest. These Tarot flash cards make it easy to memorize card meanings. With many associations for both the upright and reversed cards, this complete deck includes everything you need to become an effective Tarot card reader. You can do readings with this deck as well.

5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent teaching & learning tool, December 2, 2010
This review is from: Tarot Learning Cards (Self Study Flash Cards) (Cards)
I was given a set of these cards while taking a Tarot class. They made studying and remembering the associations on each card so much easier!!! Every card in a traditional Tarot deck is represented in the flash card set. The cards have a list of information on the back that tells you the meaning, numerology, and other things about the card. I have been using them to quiz myself on the cards, as well as for doing Tarot readings. I was going to make a set of flash cards out of index cards, but didn't know when I'd find the tome to make 78 different cards. This deck has them already done 🙂

After I got these, I bought one of the Living Magick Tarot quick reference sheets for both upright and reversals to go with them. Those have been very helpful too!

If you are a Tarot teacher, you should suggest all your get these... They will love you for it!