CD: Way Home

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CD: Way Home
ISBN: SE004        
Author: SACRED EARTH           Format: CD
Publisher: Sacred Earth          

Twelve months in the making, this superb album by Sacred Earth marks a watershed in this band’s career. With over 20,000 albums sold to date, The Way Home takes Sacred Earth to a new plane.
Amazing production levels, soulful melodies and a new range of instrumentation including percussion, French horn, flute, keyboards and saxophone, makes this album their best yet.

Of course, what makes the album special is the sublime voice of Prem and the talents of flute master Jethro. Perfect for relaxation, massage, yoga, meditation, birth, calming and focusing the body and mind, creating sacred space, beauty therapy, spa therapy, clinics, hospitals, schools - anywhere that peace, serenity and healing are the focus.

A message from Sacred Earth ...
“Peace on earth must begin inside each and every individual!
We travel the world and play this music with the intent of connecting people to their own inner peace & knowing. We seek to empower the listener by providing a sacred space where they can deeply connect to their own heart and cultivate a deeper respect for themselves and our beautiful mother earth. The more we travel on our musical journey, the more we experience the raw beauty of the human spirit.

It is so clear to us that divinity dwells in the heart of all beings no matter what class, religion, country of birth, colour of skin, political stance or choice of action. We are all of the same essence. We are one people. When we gather together under the banner of peace and share our hearts through the vehicle of sacred music all concepts fall away, all that is left in that space is silence.
It is in this silence that we can truly hear the song of our own heart singing in unison with all of creation.”