The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest. Isbn: 978-0-979067716

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Astrology Books:   The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest's book manages to disarm the sceptic, as well as debunk the charlatanism that surrounds popular astrology, with language that is as intelligent and cogent as it is poetic." -- Sting

Title:  The Inner Sky
Author:  Steven Forrest
Isbn:  978-0-979067716
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books


by Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest's book manages to disarm the sceptic, as well as debunk the charlatanism that surrounds popular astrology, with language that is as intelligent and cogent as it is poetic." -- Sting

A blueprint for using astrology to uncover YOUR "inner sky"-- the endless universe of potential within you! Learn to make the most of your opportunities and face your challenges creatively, for a brighter, more fulfilling future!

"No matter what you think of astrology, if you appreciate humor, insight, poetry and astute, articulate observations of human nature, you will appreciate Steven Forrest's fascinating book."
-- Callie Khouri, screenwriter, Thelma and Louise; Something to Talk About

"The Inner Sky A truly outstanding new book. The best part is that it's intelligent, well-written & actually fun." -- Esquire

"Steven Forrest's down-to-earth approach is refreshing, funny, and void of pompous claims."-- L.A. Times

"The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest is beautifully written in simple language, yet amplified with stunning verbal imagery throughout, the book is a reading experience worth savoring. Throw in the fact that it is undoubtedly one of the clearest, simplest astrology primers ever written and you begin to glimpse the miracle Steven Forrest has wrought."
-- Richard Nolle, for Dell HOROSCOPE

"The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest is one of the best and sharpest books for beginners that I've ever come across."--Welcome to Planet Earth
"No astrology book has impressed me as much as "The Inner Sky."--Velma Austin-Chatham, Professional Astrologers Inc., for The Delineator

WINNER OF THE 1985 PAI AWARD (Professional Astrologers Incorporated)
"for outstanding activities in furthering the goals of Astrology."
By M. Hart "Sci-Fi Fan"

The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest. As someone who has been interested in understanding various concepts in astrology, I have often been displeased with the amount of information overload that is all too often given in typical "cookbook"-type astrology books. Many astrology books provide lengthy lists of descriptions that explain the meaning of when particular planets appear in specific signs or houses in an individual's natal chart, as well as some information about aspects between planets. Unfortunately, too many of these "cookbook"-type astrology books don't provide sufficient (or any) explanations as to how to synthesize the information from the numerous lists into a concise and unconfused birth chart interpretation, or how to recognize which features in a birth chart are more important than others.

Thankfully, this is not the case with Steven Forrest's 1988 book "The Inner Sky: How To Make Wiser Choices for a More Fulfilling Life". In his book, Steven Forrest provides an elegant set of guidelines that enable novice students of astrology to grasp what the most important features in a birth chart are so that a concise synthesis of the lengthy amount of information contained within it can be effectively navigated and understood without falling prey to information overload. (In my opinion, information overload is probably the single largest impasse that most students of astrology face when attempting to interpret a birth chart.) Steven Forrest advises that to begin a birth chart interpretation, an individual should only focus initially on three key features: the sun, moon and the ascendant; which is what he refers to as the "primal triad".

By using the archetypes of the signs in which the sun, moon and ascendant occur, a basic understanding as a starting point for developing a more comprehensive interpretation of a birth chart can be more easily remembered as more features of the birth chart are slowly and methodically taken into consideration. This includes something that no "cookbook"-type astrology book that I had previously read effectively addresses: how to understand a planet's position in a sign and house taken together. The next step that Steven Forrest suggests is to then consider whether the birth chart in question has any hemispheric emphasis by observing how many planets are contained within each natal chart hemisphere.

No cookbook-type astrology book that I had previously read had ever provided a clear way to identity which planets in a birth chart should be regarded as the most important. This alone makes The Inner Sky stand out as an extremely useful resource. Other guidelines that Steven Forrest suggests should follow understanding the primal triad, the hemispheres and the focalisers include understanding the moon's nodes and looking for common themes among everything that has been studied thus far. Steven Forrest also addresses how to resolve seemingly irresolvable conflicting bits within a birth chart because his approach to interpreting a birth chart involves psychology, not fortune telling; and is commonly referred to as evolutionary astrology.

Before Steven Forrest discusses the interpretive techniques that I listed above, he begins "The Inner Sky" with some basics in his first part of the book that he names The Territory, which contains three chapters. The second part, named "Words", contains four chapters where he gives vivid and extremely useful understandings of the individual signs, planets and houses. The third and final part, named "Sentences", contains five chapters and is where Steven Forrest explains the guidelines as I mentioned in the previous paragraph and then proceeds to give a well-written interpretation example.

Consequently, with its 12 chapters, four appendices, comprehensive glossary, index and wonderful writing, I rate Steven Forrest's book "The Inner Sky: How To Make Wiser Choices for a More Fulfilling Life with a resounding 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone interested in understanding a methodological approach to interpreting astrological birth charts. In my opinion, this is probably the best book to read first to begin a study of astrology.