The Creative Astrologer by Noel Tyl

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Astrology Books:  The Creative Astrologer by Noel Tyl

Astrology is presented here in its most creative and constructive context, in which therapeutic holistic consultation is far more important than the abject description of varied chart factors. The Creative Astrologer by Noel Tyl

Title:  The Creative Astrologer, Effective Single Session Counselling
Author:  Noel Tyl
Isbn:  9781567187403
Year:  2000
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

Counseling astrologers can now take advantage of one of the newest and most exciting paradigms in modern psychology: the efficacy of single session therapeutic success. This groundbreaking book, The Creative Astrologer is written by Noel Tyl, one of the world’s most respected astrologers, adding to Noel Tyl's list of twenty-three texts that have informed two generations of astrologers.

Over 700 creative connections are offered in this text to guide astrologers through planetary and aspect symbolisms into a deep analysis of the human condition. As part of modern astrological practice and in the context of actual client-session transcripts—the first ever presented in the literature—Noel Tyl presents in this book, The Creative Astrologer, numerous clearly developed techniques, including:

—Preparation for consultation
—Techniques for questioning
—Methods for inviting disclosure
—Presentation skills
—Effective ways to explore therapeutic connections

Along with analysis, remediation, and healing, Noel Tyl discusses the difficult topic of the practicality of behavioral predictions, how to frame them within client realities, and how to invite involvement from the client. Astrology is presented here in its most creative and constructive context, in which therapeutic holistic consultation is far more important than the abject description of varied chart factors. The Creative Astrologer by Noel Tyl


As we enter the new millennium, both astrology and psychology have come of age. They are both valid paradigms for understanding the human condition and the individual mind. As such, they support each other and can amplify each other for consultation over mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns.

Noel Tyl
has brought psychological methodology into astrological symbolism and analysis. Noel Tyl's classic texts on astrology have shaped two generations of astrologers. Now Noel Tyl crowns his combination of counseling and astrology with The Creative Astrologer, a master volume that places particular emphasis on creative and concise techniques of counseling.

The purpose of this book, The Creative Astrologer is to go beyond psychological descriptions, to give ways of dealing with challenges. It shares the information you need to be able to combine astrology and counseling, including how to prepare, how to present information, and how to get your client to do things beneficial to his or her future.

Although the focus is clearly on astrologers, anyone who does counseling—including Tarot readers, palmists, etc.—will find this book helpful. You will want The Creative Astrologer to make your counseling even better.

By Timothy L. Bost

More than any other living astrologer, Noel Tyl has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to the comprehensive blending of the very best that psychotherapy and astrology have to offer. Noel Tyl's studies with the psychologists Henry A. Murray and Gordon Allport, the sociologist George Homans, the anthropologist Clyde Kluckhohn, and the theologian Paul Tillich have informed and enriched his perspective. His own vast individual experiences as a businessman, as a global traveller, as an artist and performer, and as the facilitator in thousands of therapeutic sessions with Noel Tyl's astrological clients bring overwhelming clarity and credibility to everything he does. Noel Tyl never ceases adding value to the discipline of astrology, steadfastly helping it keep pace with the most sophisticated advances in modern humanistic studies. His influence is truly enormous-- it's fair to say that everyone who connects with a competent, knowledgable astrologer today owes Noel Tyl a debt of gratitude, directly or indirectly.

Best of all, Noel Tyl never stops learning and growing, and he has shared the fruits of that ongoing growth in the nearly two dozen books he has authored or edited. In his newest book, The Creative Astrologer, he has expanded his vision of relevant personal astrology to a new, incredibly fulfilling level-- astrology, in his eyes, can immeasurably enrich people's lives as a single-session counseling approach that provides "insight study for self-help assistance," provided that the astrologer approaches this important work with consciousness, compassion, and creativity.

In The Creative Astrologer, Noel Tyl not only presents a convincing case for his view of astrology as a therapeutic tool for personal empowerment; he also provides detailed, step-by-step insights into the counseling process, dramatically illustrating his writing with case studies that make the theory a living reality on the page. There's much in this book, The Creative Astrologer on the nuances of communication in an astrological counseling session, with specific guidance on questioning techniques, presentation skills, objectification, creative listening, disclosure, and the like. There are solid, sensible tips on relating to client expressions of anger and depression; on discerning needs, feelings, and coping mechanisms; and on doing the necessary astrological preparation prior to meeting the client.

Above all, The Creative Astrologer is a call for astrologers to make creative connections (hence its title!) with clients and their horoscopes. Noel Tyl notes that "the creative astrologer feels good about life, feels that there is a purpose for developmental tension" and can "relate the horoscope to the life being lived by the client." He admonishes astrologers "to look beyond the obvious; to play astro-detective." And throughout his book, Noel Tyl encourages astrologers to be sensitive in paying attention to their clients, to be competent and ethical, and above all, to think. "Together," Noel Tyl says, "astrologer and client achieve insight, rebalance judgment and values, and affect change. And it feels good."

The Creative Astrologer
is an important book. It brings clarity, insight, and life-supporting energy to the practice of person-centered astrology. It's a book with a lot of heart. If you're an astrologer, you certainly don't want to pass this one up.

But even if you're not an astrologer yourself, if you personally know or work with an astrologer, don't waste any time. Buy a copy of The Creative Astrologer immediately and then give it to the astrologer of your acquaintance. Your gift will benefit both of you immeasurably!