Predicting Events with Astrology by Celeste Teal

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Astrology Books:  Predicting Events with Astrology by Celeste Teal

Astrologers rejoice! Celeste Teal's Predicting Events with Astrology is back-with brand-new material! No other book offers such a treasury of information on predictive astrology.

Title:  Predicting Events with Astrology
Author:  Celeste Teal
Isbn:  9780738715537
Format:  Paperback, Back in Print
Category:  Astrology Books

Predicting Events with Astrology:  With clear and engaging instruction, Celeste Teal guides the reader through all essential elements of the art of prediction: transits, planetary aspects, progressions, solar and lunar returns, eclipses, lunar nodes, horary applications, and more.

Case histories and event charts illustrate the simple techniques of forecasting in the areas of love, romance, money, success, children, health, misfortune, death, and bereavement. Comprehensive and inspiring, this classic text will remain an essential reference guide for generations of astrologers to come.

About the Author:

A student of astrology since 1975, Celeste Teal is a nationally respected astrologer and contributes regularly to American Astrology, Dells Horoscope, Today's Astrologer, and other magazines.


I have been a student of astrology since 1972. I was lucky enough to have some formal classes in the beginning. Everything that I have learned about astrology since then came from books. I learned how to do composite charts from reading Robert Hand's book. Since then I have never had one book that had so much to offer until Predicting Events With Astrology by Celeste Teal. Predicting Events with Astrology is written in a way the reader can understand and follow. Celeste doesn't waste words. She hones in on a subject and explain it in a clear concise way.
I have accumulated a small library of astrology books since the early 70's. Some I use constantly as reference books. Others just gather dust. Celeste Teal's book will never get dusty on my shelves.

Celeste Teal has given us a real, working, nuts and bolts reference. Predicting Events with Astrology is a book that will teach you how to think like an astrologer and take command of a chart reading. If you have been studying astrology for awhile this book is an excellent demonstration on how to put all that accumulated knowledge to some good use. Celeste's book does not spend a lot of time on theory, it does not give delineations for every aspect, and it does not do any hand-holding.

Predicting Events With Astrology is a true attempt to teach the grasping of the Big Picture and, in my opinion, Celeste Teal has succeeded wonderfully. I have gained a great deal of confidence in my ability to delineate a chart since I read this book. Get this book if you have a firm grasp on the "basics" and you are ready for a breakthrough!