The Mars Book by Donna Van Toen

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Astrology Books:  The Mars Book: A Guide to Your Personal Energy and Motivation, by Donna Van Toen

The Mars Book by Donna Van Toen is the most complete book about Mars ever written. For all students who want to know how to really interpret Mars in the horoscope.

Title:  The Mars Book
Author:  Donna Van Toen
Isbn:  9780877286660
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

This is probably the only book I know of that's only about the planet Mars. It's about time! All other books that include descriptions on how Mars affects our lives are about the love aspects of the planet. As Donna Van Toen proves, Mars means more than just sex. It's about energy, passion, anger, and even luck.

Donna Van Toen discusses Mars as it relates to personality, energy, occupational motivation, luck, and love, as well as Mars in natal, transiting, and progressed positions. Donna Van Toen explains how the planet symbolizes your inner motivation, the esoteric role of Mars, and how Mars relates to karma.