Astrological Insights Into Personality by Betty Lundsted

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Astrology Books:  Astrological Insights Into Personality by Betty Lundsted.  

Title:  Astrological Insights Into Personality
Author:  Betty Lundsted
Isbn:   9780892540983
Year:  2004
Format:  Paperback
- New Edition
Category:  Astrology Books

Our personalities are strongly influenced by what was happening around us when we were infants and whether our needs were met. In Astrological Insights Into Personality, Betty Lundsted explains that our natal chart is our parents transit chart, therefore revealing the truth of our childhood family dynamics. Once we understand these dynamics, Betty Lundsted helps us move beyond laying blame on our parents by identifying the compensating strengths revealed in the chart.


Want a clearer view of parental/child relationships? Comparison charts between the generations,while often difficult to consider, are an invaluable aid to anyone wanting to maximize her/his awareness of one's true self & purpose in life. This book, Astrological Insights Into Personality contains some of the most in depth info on the inconjunct (150 degr. /quincunx) I have found, as well as the other major aspects. Since our early home environments continue to impact us in every department of life, this is a very useful & insightful book.

Astrological Insights Into Personality: Utilizing the symbolism inherent in the energies of the planets and the zodiac, this book helps you to "dissect" the layers of your personality explaining how both your good and bad natal planetary angles have and will continue to manifest themselves through your experience. Your natal chart is a blueprint of your subconscious and what you absorbed from your parental relationships during your formative years (birth - age 3 or 4).
You can remain a slave to your subconscious programming and/or spend years in therapy trying to dig out what's clearly explained in this book. Or you can buy Astrological Insights Into Personality and save yourself tons of time and money. But if you think astrology's a cute parlor game or if you need to hear how wonderful you already are, this isn't the book for you. It's hardcore and dead-on accurate. The truth will set you free - but first it may make you very uncomfortable.

Astrological Insights Into Personality is simply the best introductory astrology book on the market. It gives you insights into knowing yourself, which is why it is so distressing to so many people. The work is based on the psychodynamic astrology of Lionel Day, and Betty Lundsted is the only author who has written about his insights. I highly recommend it if you want to learn about your self. If you don't, or if you fear learning what really motivates you, stay away from it.