Wheels Of Light - Rosalyn L Bruyere

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Wheels Of Light - Rosalyn Bruyere

Wheels Of Light by Rosalyn Bruyene is a guide to the human energy field which provides a detailed explanation of the seven major energy centres of the body, known as chakras.

Title:  Wheels Of Light
Author:  Rosalyn Bruyere
Isbn:  9780671796242
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Chakras

In detail, Rosalyn Bruyerer explores the basic nature of these forces within us, including what they do and how to work with them.

A major portion of the book is devoted to the first chakra, which is associated with our basic life force, our physical bodies, and sexuality. This section includes: breathing techniques and other exercises for achieving and maintaining balance, a discussion of diseases, association with dysfunctions and suggestions for treatment, and a scientific explanation of how the first chakra energy works.


Dan Millman author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Wheels of Light by Rosalyn Bruyerer serves as a bridge between science and mysticism by providing, in well-researched and readable language, essential keys to understanding ourselves and our evolutionary journey.