CD: Spiritual Healing

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CD: Spiritual Healing
ISBN: NED2806        
Author: DEUTER           Format: CD
Publisher: New Earth Records            
One of the leading proponents of the healing power of pure sound, German electronic musician Deuter has been recording musically rich, deeply reflective keyboard-laden albums since 1971, and has rarely taken a break.

This 2008 offering provides over an hour of heartbeat tempos, hushed guitar strums and quietly stirring synthesiser washes that make an ideal musical accompaniment for body work, massage, yoga, or relaxation. With this album, tranquillity is renewed and time slows as these inspired melodies transport the listener to angelic realms.

Spiritual Healing continues the seemingly unbroken string of excellent Deuter recordings that serve as a musical tonic for dealing with the stress of modern day life.' - Bill Binkelman, New Age Reporter

Track listing:
1 Along the High Ridges
2 Wind in Bamboo
3 Lavender Fields
4 Village Moon
5 Warm the New Dawn Sun
6 Dawn Mist
7 The Temple
8 Night Jasmine