Midpoints by Don McBroom

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Astrology Books:  Midpoints by Don McBroom

Don McBroom presents an easily understood method that makes midpoint analysis accessible to anyone with a serious interest in astrology.

Title:  Midpoints
Author:  Don McBroom
Isbn:  9780738709833
Year:  2009
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology

Midpoints by Don McBroom symbolize the subtle yet dynamic connections between points in the astrological chart, revealing not only the depth and detail of their underlying combined potential but also the means by which this potential can be accomplished.

Logically presented and eminently readable, Midpoints by Don McBroom guides the reader step by step through the structured identification and interpretation of midpoint pictures. Midpoints is much more than a reference text.

Don McBroom
's approach brings midpoint measurements to life with numerous examples that vividly demonstrate how midpoint analysis provides additional insight into the lives of Jim Henson, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Janis Joplin and many other well-known individuals. By integrating the dynamic planetary relationships of midpoint pictures into your astrological analysis, you'll uncover a wealth of information that will enrich your overall interpretation.