Fields Of Gold by Fiona McIntosh

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Fiction Books:  Fields Of Gold by Fiona McIntosh

Fields Of Gold by Fiona McIntosh - At the end of the Great War, two young men find themselves far from home with everything to gain or everything to lose. Charismatic womaniser Jack Bryant has the world at his feet, but when trouble catches up with him, he is forced to flee Britain for good.

Title:  Fields Of Gold
Author:  Fiona McIntosh
Isbn:  9781921518065
Format:  Paperback, 576 Pages
Year:  2010
Category:  Fiction

Handsome, honest Ned Sinclair is on a family adventure in Rangoon when he is dealt a bitter blow. With all the odds against him he risks his life in a desperate bid to escape.
Both men hope to start their lives anew, seeking their fortunes in India's fields of gold. Their paths collide in the colourful city of Bangalore where they form a friendship like no other. In the years that follow they remain inextricably bound by a dark secret, while their love for the same woman threatens to tear them apart.

From the windswept clifftops of the Cornish coast to the goldmines of southern India, Fields Of Gold is a page-turning story of high adventure, devastating tragedy and enduring love. 

Fiona McIntosh is an Australian author and it was the striking cover of this book that first caught my attention in a magazine.

Fiona is one author who has learned how to pen a tale in many genres. Her latest book, Fields Of Gold a historical fiction saga - is quite a leap from her books in the fantasy, crime and children’s categories.

She believes that no matter what tale a writer is telling, the elements of story arc, pace, characterisation, voice, etc, are the same, but it is how well they understand the genre they are writing in.

According to Fiona McIntosh, some of the vital elements of certain genres that a writer should understand include:

Historical Fiction:

“I think it is accuracy and detail of the period. You have to get that right,” she says.

“If I can’t evoke a period properly I have lost my reader before they have begun. It is all about the research for the historical stuff.”

“You really care about these characters. You are forgetting about concentrating for clues, you are just swept away with the characters.”


"It comes down to having a fantastic set of lead characters because they have to last for three books. Fantasy writers write three books to one story,” she says.

“They are doing heroic stuff... and achieving massive, against-the-odds human struggle. It is swashbuckling and swords and galloping into danger and those sorts of things I can’t do in historical fiction. In historical fiction, you have to make it feel a lot more real.”