Navigating By Heart - Robert Mason Pollock

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Navigating By Heart by Robert Mason Pollock

Navigating By Heart is a guide to accessing inner faculties of consciousness. Written by an energy healer and teacher, Robert Mason Pollock who has helped thousands of people address negative conditions of consciousness.

Title:  Navigating By Heart
Author:  Robert Mason Pollock
Isbn:  9781451541847
Year:  2010
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Mind/Body/Spirit

Navigating By Heart by Robert Mason Pollock is a book of tools for opening your heart so you can connect to the intuitive guidance that is available to all of us. This books addresses - * Tools to open your heart center to the love and guidance of your Higher Self. * Methods of releasing negative energies from your consciousness so you can stay in tune with your positive self. * Tools to help you connect with the Light. *

In Navigating By Heart by Robert Mason Pollock explanations of how consciousness works in accord with Universal Laws, and how you can make these Laws work for you. * How to integrate the Masculine and Feminine aspects of your consciousness. * How you can help your Heart and Mind to work together. * How to enter the world of feeling and sensing consciousness and energies, giving you deeper understanding of the how's and why's of life. * How to pray from your spiritual self, rather than from your mind. * Techniques to find answers to life's questions from within. * The nature and sources of positive and negative energy. 
Robert Mason Pollock has been an energy healer and spiritual councilor for 25 years. He practices and teaches in Manhattan and in the Berkshires, and practices energy healing at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts.


This book, Navigating By Heart is life-changing. Robert Pollock addresses several topics that I have been trying to navigate for years: How do I connect with the deeper side of me? Where does my traditional upbringing and connection to Jesus fit in to my present-day connection to meditation and Buddhism? and most importantly, How do I walk in this present-day world as a Spiritual being? Robert Pollock answers all of this and more in this radical book addressing how to tap into the inner guidance inside all of us. I gobbled this book up in two days!