The Me Myth by Andrew Griffiths - Australia

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Business:  The Me Myth by Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffith book The Me Myth was, as expected, a profoundly personal journey with messages that are relevant to anyone who has experienced difficulties in their lives. I found myself identifying with much of the self-talk described, that we all seem to create in our heads.

Title:  The Me Myth
Author:  Andrew Griffith
Isbn:  9780731814251
Year:  September 2009
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Business

In The Me Myth Andrew Griffith's choice to create a different way of dealing with what life in throws at us, was particularly thought provoking. One standout piece of advice for me whilst reading The Me Myth was to cut out those negative energies from our lives and stop trying to please people, in particular family members who are less than helpful!

Andrew Griffith's advice has added to my resolve to stop using my past to limit my potential. I would recommend The Me Myth book to anyone who needs good advice from a friend who has been there, done that, but hasn’t let life drag them down-a cliché no doubt, but Andrew Griffith is truly inspiring.


I am now reading The Me Myth book by Andrew Griffith for the third time ... it's one of those books you can go to different chapters to find what you need, at whatever stage you are going through personally. I highly recommend it - it's a book that looks at the crazy, busy, self-consumed era we find ourselves living in - and has inspired me to get off the roundabout and live life as it should be lived!

Andrew Griffiths normally writes business books - which are fantastic. Simple, smart and practical. But his latest book, The Me Myth is his first personal development style book and it is both incredibly thought provoking and revealing at the same time. Clearly Andrew Griffith's has had an amazing life and he is one of those rare individuals who takes adversity and turns it into success. The Me Myth book will make you laugh, cry and think long and hard about your own attitude to life. Buy it and give a few copies to your self absorbed friends!!!