Shamanic Breathwork by Linda Star Wolf - Australia

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Health/Healing/Bodywork:  Shamanic Breathwork: Journaling Beyond The Limits Of The Self by Linda Star Wolf

Shamanic Breathwork by Linda Star Wolf explains how to enter altered states of consciousness, increase paranormal abilities, and resolve old traumas using breathwork Introduces the Five Cycles of Change that bring about major life shifts,

Title:  Shamanic Breathwork: Journaling Beyond The Limits Of The Self
Author:  Linda Star Wolf
Isbn:   9781591431060
Year:  2010
  Paperback which Includes a 70 - Minute Cd
Category:  Health/Healing/Bodywork and Shamanism

and how to work with them Includes a 70-minute CD of chakra-attuned rhythms to play during the journey Incorporating psychospiritual tools with her Shamanic Breathwork practice, Linda Star Wolf shows how to spiritually journey in the same way shamans entrain to the rhythms of drums or rattles using the breath, either alone or together with music.

Much like traveling to sacred places or ingesting entheogens, this practice can be used to enter altered states of consciousness, connect to cosmic consciousness, increase paranormal abilities, and awaken the shaman within. Shamanic Breathwork can also be used to resolve old traumas and shapeshift unproductive modes of thinking in order to move beyond them. Utilizing the healing power of breath along with chakra-attuned music, Linda Star Wolf explores the Five Cycles of Change-the Alchemical Map of Shamanic Consciousness-and how these cycles affect you as you move through major shifts in your life. Shamanic Breathwork by Linda Star Wolf is filled with personal stories and case histories, the book also includes a 70-minute CD of shamanic trance rhythms and a guided meditation to awaken the chakras during practice.


This is a primer on Shamanic Breathwork, written by the woman who created it Linda Star Wolf. A thorough and comprehensive explanation how breathwork works as a modality for therapeutic healing; The book explains very clearly what breathwork is, what it does, why it is a successful approach to working with and helping people work through all the various emotional issues that we deal with brought on by external and internal forces: depression, ptsd, physical and emotional abuse, addiction, etc. It talks about why Shamanic Breathwork is successful where other forms of therapy have failed. Shamanic Breathwork  explains how Linda Star Wolf developed this process and gives precise accounts from people who have been able to turn their lives around for the better to become productive healthy and joyful adults in the world community. Shamanic Breathwork teaches how all humans have the capacity to reach their full potential and in doing so, affect change in their world. I highly recommend this book.

Linda Star Wolf has done it ! The Shamanic Breathwork story in 1 book for anyone to read alone or as a group. I love the sharing and bringing in the community of breathers. There are as many experiences as there are people all have a place on the wheel, and this book will help many to understand the magic of the Breath .. and how we can access hidden corners of the mind in a conscious and relatively gentle way. I recommend this book as a gift to any friend or family ready to move beyond where they may have been stuck for years and as a stepping stone to any of Linda Star Wolf's programs. This is not just another book and another author wanting to sell her book. This is the real deal. An opportunity for real change and awakening. I know. I was there when it all started.
Congratulations Star Wolf .. and thank you for the ways you LOVE the world and give of yourself.
Blessed to have been in the Good Luck Soul group
Dreaming Bear