The Astrological Elements by Sally Cragin

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Astrology Books:  The Astrological Elements by Sally Cragin

"I LOVE this book, The Astrological Elements. The words slip off the page like silk. I was entertained and enlightened by Sally Cragin."—Penny Thornton, internationally noted astrologer and former personal astrologer for Princess Diana

Title:  The Astrological Elements How Fire, Earth, Air and Water Influence Your Life
Author:  Sally Cragin
Isbn:  9780738718712
Year:  2010
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

The Astrological Elements by Sally Cragin - Are you curious about the work habits of your new Pisces co-worker? Will sparks fly with that cute Aries down the street? There is a way to find out the impulses, desires, interests, communication styles, and personalities of the people around you Sun sign astrology!

Fun and easy to use, The Astrological Elements by Sally Cragin explores all twelve Sun signs through the four elements fire, earth, air, and water with a focus on love, work, friends, and family. Learn how to speak the language of each sign.

Explore The Astrological Elements by Sally Cragin and find out what each sign is like as a friend, boss, lover, and more. Discover the compatibility potential for each pairing and see how "neighbor" signs get along with each other. Sprinkled throughout are chart analysis examples of famous couples such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and others.
About the Author

Sally Cragin is an astrologer who has published articles on astrology in newspapers across the country. Sally Cragin is also a theatre and arts critic for the Boston Globe and has been contributing to Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book for many years.