Essays On Astrology - Robert Hand

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Astrology Books:  Essays On Astrology by Robert Hand

Title:  Essays On Astrology
Author:  Robert Hand
Isbn:  9780914918424
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

Here at last are the collected essays of the world's leading astrologer, Robert Hand.  In one comprehensive volume, Essays on Astrology makes a cross section of Robert Hand's writings available to both the beginning and advanced astrologer.

Robert Hand is one of the few astrologers to successfully work and publish in both the technical and humanistic dimensions of astrology. Because of this, his work is read, reread and respected by all serious astrologers. And this book, Essays On Astrology presents a comprehensive look at the various essays of this very important author.

As a reference book, Essays on Astrology by Robert Hand is an invaluable resource. Some articles written several years ago, such as The Ascendant, Midheaven and Vertex in Extreme Latitudes, have been extremely hard to find. Still others are printed here in Essays On Astrology for the very first time making this not only a reprint of Robert Hand's previous works, but an important addition to the study of astrology.

A Review:

"Essays on Astrology" contains a wonderful collection of essays by Robert Hand that was published in 1982. The Table of Contents is as follows:

1. The Moon, The Four Phases of the Feminine
2. The Wave Theory of Astrology
3. Mercury, the Modulator
4. Handling the Malefics
5. Geocentric Latitude: Some Second Thoughts
6. On Creating a Science of Astrology
7. A New Approach to Transits
8. Crises of Human Growth
9. Astrology's Second Dimension: Declination and Latitude
10. Symbols of the Father Complex
11. Dodekatemoria: An Ancient Technique Reexamined
12. The Ascendant, Midheaven and Vertex in Extreme Latitudes
13. The Age and Constellation of Pisces

Although I enjoyed all the essays in this book, some real standout titles include: "The Moon, The Four Phases of the Feminine," which discusses a comprehensive schema for interpreting the moon in relation to mythological feminine archetypes; "Crises of Human Growth," which covers such themes as Saturn Returns and the Midlife Crises; and "Symbols of the Father Complex," which covers the father archetype signature (not the male parent).

This book, Essays On Astrology is very hard to find, and these essays are as thought provoking now as when they were first published over twenty years ago. The one drawback is that you will benefit more from this text if you have some fundamental understanding of astrology; since I would classify this text as advanced, yet easy to read. All in all, this is a great classic astrology text to add to your collection.