Esoteric Astrology by Alan Leo

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Astrology Books:  Esoteric Astrology by Alan Leo

Alan Leo was the leading figure in the revival of astrology from 1890s to World War1. Alan Leo's many books have introduced significant shifts in astrological predictive techniques [from primary directions to Leos innovative Progressed Horoscope].

Title:  Esoteric Astrology
Author:  Alan Leo
ISBN:  9780892811816
Format:  Paperback

Alan Leo's works continues to educate and inform the astrological world. In Esoteric Astrology, a series of star maps are generated [complete instructions are supplied] to collate an individuals astrological variables, which among other things, are used to astrologically determine the age of the soul.

This unique approach is directed towards a more overtly esoteric presentation of astrology; and towards a methodology that depends more on character interpretation over prediction.