White Eagle On Reincarnation - Australia

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Reincarnation:  White Eagle On Reincarnation

White Eagle On Reincarnation - Have you felt drawn to a place for no apparent reason? Do you ever recognize a person without having knowingly met them before? Have you picked up a skill or learning so quickly you wonder how you did it?

Author:  White Eagle
Title:  White Eagle On Reincarnation
ISBN:  9780854871728
Format:  Paperback

White Eagle On Reincarnation - One answer to these conundrums may be the fact that you have lived before. You have spent lives in various parts of the world, in various bodies, and have amassed knowledge and a variety of skills, much of which live on in the soul and can be brought over into this present life if needed.

Table of Contents:

The wheel of rebirth Knowing we have lived before In God's image Creating the temple of light - the celestial body The seven rays and qualities of consciousness Responsibility for each other healing guidance Overcoming limitations and finding wings The church, the bible, Jesus and reincarnation

About the Author

White Eagle is the spirit guide of Grace Cooke. Although he speaks of a life among the Iroquois, the personalities that are felt when he speaks are many, and from traditions both eastern and western.