The New Crystal Bible by Cassandra Eason

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Crystal Books:  The New Crystal Bible by Cassandra Eason

Cassandra Eason's New Crystal Bible is the definitive reference guide to using 500 crystals to heal your body, mind and spirit. This wonderful book includes both common and rare and newly discovered crystals.

Author:  Cassandra Eason
ISBN:  9781741730746
Category:  Crystals/Dreams/Intuition
Format:  Paperback
Year:  2010

In The New Crystal Bible each crystal is illustrated by a beautiful photograph and a handy table telling you everything you need to know about using that particular crystal to improve your life. Cassandra Eason also includes an introduction to crystal lore, how to use crystals in all aspects of your life, and how crystals can be used to predict the future. 

The New Crystal Bible is destined to be the best fundamental reference guide to understanding the magic and healing properties that are inherent within these wonderful crystals.

About the Author

Cassandra Eason is an internationally renowned white witch and an expert on crystals and crystal healing. She has written for the Guardian, the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Mail, Good Housekeeping and Spirit and Destiny in the UK, Woman's World in the US and Woman's Day and New Ideas in Australia. Cassandra has made numerous appearances on television in America on Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings and The Other Side and in the UK on Sky News, Strange But True, Richard and Judy, GMTV, Sky 1 and Jane Goldman Investigates.

She also appeared on Channel 4's Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother as an expert in dream analysis. Cassandra Eason has published more than 80 books, including the international bestsellers Every Woman a Witch, The Complete Guide to Divination and the Illustrated Guide to Healing Crystals.

Cassandra's books have sold all over the world and have been translated into 13 languages. She has lectured at Oxford, London and Glasgow Universities and currently runs workshops on psychic development, magic, divination and crystals.