The Orb Project by Michael Ledwith

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The Orb Project by Michael Ledwith & Klaus Heinemann

The Orb Project is a wonderful book, for years, people have wondered if the spherical objects that sometimes appear in their photographs are simply dust particles or something more. Two leading experts on the orb phenomenon combine their knowledge to explain that orbs are really representations of the spirit realm.

Author:  Michael Ledwith & Klaus Heinemann
Year:  2009
Category:  Mind, Body, Spirit - illustrated Paperback

With full-colour photographs, fascinating research findings, and tips for photographing orbs, this book makes the case that our conventional physical reality is merely an extension of the limitless spiritual dimension.


""The Orb Project" helps us peer into a very weird phenomenon with some sobriety and discernment. Even Einstein referred to the puzzling world of quantum entanglement as 'spooky action at a distance' before it was better understood.

Breakthroughs in science come when we are prepared to explore persistent anomalies. Orbs may just be evidence that can only be explained outside of the box of current limiting and reductionist worldviews." -- James O'Dea, president, Institute of Noetic Sciences.