Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness: Interacting with Bei

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Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness: Interacting with Beings from Another Dimension, by Sandra Underwood

Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness: Interacting with Beings from Another Dimension, is one woman's personal account of her interaction with the orbs phenomenon, what she learned from it, and how it helped her heal her grief due to the loss of her only child, her son, Eric, who was only 27 when he died.

Author:  Sandra Underwood
ISBN:   978-1441562005
Year:  2009
Category:  Mind, Body, Spirit - Paperback 188 Pages with 308 full colour photographs.

Following a brief background of her personal story, Sandra Underwood also relates some of what she had learned earlier in her life from her puzzling, mysterious draw over many years to the new sciences: quantum physics, chaos theory and fractals, complexity and consciousness. She shows how, interestingly enough (in retrospect), that had helped to prepare her to deal with what was to come and the abyss she fell into believing her life was over--not only from her son's death but also, years later, from breast cancer and a radical mastectomy. Sandra Underwood describes how -- having been "led" out of the abyss (her "dark night of the soul") -- she discovered firsthand...through a variety of experiences...the multi-dimensional possibilities of being a participant the living Cosmos.

Following a "spontaneous emergency" kundalini experience (explained in the book), an opening within her emerged that, among other things, raised her energy frequency levels such that the orbs and "light-waves" (as Sandra Underwood calls them) responded to her and began interacting and communicating with her. The full-color photographs in the book -- taken over a period of only a year's time -- together with the stories of these encounters -- reveal the full wonder and mystery of these meetings with highly intelligent beings from another dimension.

A series of back-to-back synchronicities (outlined in the book) are fascinating facts of this story -- as throughout these months of photographing Sandra Underwood is led to find exactly the right book, meet and hear from exactly the right people who come into her life, and learn exactly what she was searching for and needed to know at exactly the right time to help her understand not only the full context of her life experiences but also to learn who she really is....who we all really are. This book represents Sandra Underwood's humbled expression of her joy, wonder, and immense gratitude for all of it.

About the Author
Sandra Underwood lives in South Carolina on a lake with her husband, Richard. Married for forty-seven years, both are retired, she as a university administrator and he as an English professor and Shakespeare scholar. This book follows Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness (2009) and Eric's Story. Surviving a Son's Suicide (2003). Please visit her Web site:


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Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness: Interacting with Beings from Another Dimension.

What an absolutely gorgeous book, large with color photographs filled with the author's stories and quotes from notables. Sandy Underwood's insights are made after years of research and her own experiences with the orb beings. This book is thoughtful and filled with wonder. She is a spiritually-conscious brilliant woman who writes with her heart. Incredible book... I loved it.  Renee Smith (California)

Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness: Interacting with Beings from Another Dimension  Sandra Underwood's discovery of orbs and her journey that follows will leave you with a new sense of reality. The book is chock full of her amazing color photographs of orbs and lightwaves which in and of themselves would be worth the read. But there is so much more. Her journey also brings together quotes and thoughts from many leading interdisciplinary personnel in support of this amazing phenomena of orbs and lightwaves.

Sandra's humble and easy conversational style pulls you in and keeps you involved throughout all the rich scientific support data as well. It's impossible to say enough about the wonderful eye opening and consciousness raising and spiritual journey of this amazing woman. After the scientific data and descriptions of her convincing synchronistic experiences, she shares her conclusions and beliefs as to what orbs are.

And whether you agree with her or not, you will be in a different place and you will want to begin explorations of your own. Not only that, you will have shared the journey of a beautiful spirit and heard the "music of the spheres" with her. A necessary book for anyone wanting to know of or learn more about orbs, lightwaves and related sciences. It will answer questions and raise more questions and pull you forward. Thanks, Sandra Underwood, for sharing your awesome journey!   Rose Mccay (Bloomington, IN USA)

Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness: Interacting with Beings from Another Dimension  Sandra Underwood takes a highly personal, yet scientific, intellectual, and academic approach to investigating and experiencing orbs and their variations. Lavishly illustrated with the photographs she took in 2008-2009. Those who are skeptical will have their worldviews shaken; those who already wonder about orbs will find their questions both echoed and answered. Those who, like Underwood's young friend Mollie, already accept the idea of orbs will cherish the pictures of Mollie's dancing partners. Lentigogirl

Here's what appeared in The New York Review of Books Fall Edition, September 11, 2009. Sandy "Sandy" (South Carolina)
Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness: Interacting with Beings from Another Dimension
With 308 of her astonishing full-color photographs, the author illustrates her extraordinary spiritual experiences following her only child's unexpected death as she is introduced to, and interacts with, the orb phenomenon, believed by many distinguished scientists in a new field of study to be conscious Beings from another dimension.

Excerpts from the Foreword to the book by the author of Beyond Photography, John Pickering:

As soon as we’d first met Sandra Underwood, we instantly felt she was a kindred spirit and an honest seeker for truth - but not only that: we also recognised that she was a very spiritual lady. In qualifying this I must add, that by “spiritual” I do not refer to any wishy-washy fuzzy feel good kind of spirituality - but to the profoundest sense of the word: the kind of spirituality which is often born out of the soul’s struggle to understand and face heart wrenching experiences without losing one’s sense of compassion. Often when the darkness is deepest and we have come to the end of all we can do, we may come to realise that we are not as alone as we thought we were, and that there may be a higher purpose at work in our lives. It takes real spiritual courage to go through all that Sandy has experienced and still remain the lovely positive person that she is: all of which shines through her words and images.

... Sandy, although overcome with grief, did not give in to despair: instead she focused on that small glimmer of light, which sometimes shines in the darkest places of our lives.

It was that spark of hope, which through her encounters with orbs, grew to become a beacon of light and hope, by which she has also been able to help others get through their own dark times.

...Sandra Underwood's own story, and this book, testifies to the power of that Transcendent Light and Love which changed her life and filled her with the joy and wonder of that Great Universal Creative Consciousness which is woven through the fabric of all that is, and which lives within each one of us.

Sandy’s own optimistic spirit is well reflected in this book, which, whilst being a compelling account of her personal spiritual quest and experience, also places orbs within the larger framework of new scientific viewpoints generated by quantum physics, chaos theory, fractal randomizations and synchronicity.

...Over the past couple of years we’ve noticed that orbs seem to inspire similar thoughts and viewpoints in the diverse individuals all over the world, who experience the orb phenomenon. It is almost as if something is rising up from the collective consciousness.

Almost everyone I know who experiences the orb phenomenon, also reports a heightened awareness of synchronicity at work in their lives.

...In our images of orbs we see something which is not at all inconvenient – rather it is incredibly inspiring and exciting in its possibilities. Whenever we click the camera shutter and see similar images to the wonderful orbs in Sandra Underwood's book,
Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness we are seeing something which is part of the mystery of Consciousness.

It is in the context of this background, at this particular time that Sandy has written her unique account of the part orbs have played in her own life. 

The ubiquity of the orb phenomenon offers us all, no matter where we are, an opportunity to increase our understanding of who we are and what it is we are part of. In that context, Sandy Underwood’s personal look at orbs is an inspirational, informative and compelling read, not only for all who are particularly interested in orbs, but for everyone on the spiritual journey.

More About Orbs and Lightwaves

For those of you unfamiliar with orbs, they are those things that show up now on digital cameras and in people’s photographs. Spots . . . mostly spheres. All different sizes and, sometimes, colors. For the most part, people tend to automatically dismiss them as “dust particles” or water droplets or some anomaly on the photograph—if they notice them at all. Of course, there is no film with a digital camera—just more advanced technology that captures and allows us to see more frequencies of light than formerly when using processed film.

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t tend to almost automatically dismiss what you see, if you are someone who remains open to the myriad possibilities life offers us, ultimately you may have a very different life experience from those who do not . . . in any number of ways beyond the phenomenon of orbs.  

Orbs and “Lightwaves” Characteristics

To review some of the characteristics of the orbs and plasma clouds or lightwaves I have observed, photographed, and taken notes on:

-- they are organic....alive
—they exhibit consciousness
—they exhibit intention and choice-making
—they express happiness, joy, exuberance, concern
—they express their approval of your actions
—they are highly intelligent and often profound
—they are curious and observant
—they are playful and have a sense of humor
—they are responsive
—they can appear to be translucent, transparent, or solid
—they appear behind . . . or in front of . . . .objects
—the same orb, identifiable by its distinct markings, can appear to be very large in one photo and very small in the next, which means they expand and contract
—the orbs often have concentric circles and mandala patterns within their spheres
—the orbs are cell-like with membranes. The outer rim, e.g., looks like a membrane
—seeing them from the side (not front-on), they appear to be spinning vortices (funnels) of energy, like the drawings in the literature of human chakras (subtle energies)
—they move very fast. Some scientists have clocked them at upwards of 500 mph
—some distinguished scientists and others believe they are from another dimension beyond our own
—according to scientists, they must lower their frequencies in order to be seen and recorded by cameras

(Many more details are outlined in the book.)

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