Astrology Of The Moon by Amy Herring

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Astrology Books - Astrology Of The Moon by Amy Herring.

Author:  Amy Herring
ISBN:  9780738718965
Year:  2010 - Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

Astrology Of The Moon shows a way to learn to fulfill your needs, and make the best choices for a more rewarding, spiritually enriched life. Focusing on the natal and progressed moon relationship, this information-packed guide explains the Moon's powerful energetic potential in relation to the signs, houses, planets, and aspects. In an easy-to-use "cookbook" format, in Astrology Of The Moon Amy Herring lays out your emotional needs in the areas of love, family life, your career, and more, with practical ways to meet these essential needs so you can create happiness at every stage of life.

In Astrology Of The Moon you will also find many practical activities and ideas to maximize your creative potential and fulfill your essential needs so you can create happiness at every stage of life.


"A new book about new astrology for the New Age! Even a seasoned astrologer will find the insights new and sometimes profound. This is a good book to highlight in your astrology section." -NEW AGE RETAILER

"Good astrology transcends labels, and this book is good astrology. The material presented here is not speculative; it's here-and-now with a psycho-spiritual flavor... The Moon illuminates. So does this book. It's a fine read." -NCGR MEMBERLETTER

"[This] is an illuminating work that will open hearts, enlighten minds, and change lives."—Ronnie Grishman, editor-in-chief of DELL HOROSCOPE

"An easy-to-read feast of ageless wisdom that provides an evolutionary roadmap for the emotional adventure we call life."—Rick Levine, astrologer for

"Astrology Of The Moon is a fabulous resource: educational, informative, fun, and very helpful in understanding the natal and progressed moon. Amy Herring has a fresh, new, and vital voice in astrology."—Lynda Hill, author of 360 Degrees of Wisdom.

Amy Herring (Shoreline, Washington) has been a consultant and teacher of astrology since 1995. A graduate of Steven Forrest's Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship
program, her articles have appeared in various astrology publications, including Dell Horoscope.