iRelax For Lovers

Price: $29.99

TITLE:   iRelax For Lovers
ISBN:  RM1214 
AUTHOR:  Various Artists 

At heart we are all lovers. This relaxing collection of music will sweep away your cares and surround you with a warm embrace. Share it with someone you love. a Real Music collection through and through, providing an hour of the label's trademark style of soothing music, with lush melodies, comforting instrumentation and plenty of heart... the roster of artists all getting together to provide a soft atmosphere that encourages you to relax.

Music Design When asked what they most desire, people overwhelmingly respond, Relief from stress and worry. Relaxation is critical in helping us cope with the noise and agitation everywhere in our world. The iRelax Music Series albums take you to a place of calm, balance and wellbeing. All you have to do is listen...