Healing The Addicted Brain

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TITLE:  Healing The Addicted Brain

AUTHOR:  Harold C. Urschel, 111, MD

ISBN:  9781402218446

YEAR:  2009

FORMAT:  Paperback

17.6 million Americans abuse or are dependent on alcohol; seven million more abuse or depend on other drugs. But until recently, few understood that addiction is a chronic medical disease, not a personal or moral weakness. Unfortunately, the old understandings still penetrate our culture, affecting even the treatment programs used to battle addiction.

Using this scientific approach, readers will learn to conquer the physical factors that keep them tied to addiction. Dr. Urschel's program triples the success rate of patients to 90 percent, opening a whole new world of overcoming addiction for those who struggle to battle this disease.

In spite of the longstanding national focus on drug addiction, alcoholism is still the most serious substance abuse problem in the U.S., and is the nation's third leading cause of death, behind only heart disease and cancer.

There is a significant need for acute medical interventions that can initiate and maintain alcohol abstinence. Neuroscience has begun to focus more on understanding the brain in addiction and, as a result, more new medications to help treat alcoholism have been developed in recent years.