The Secret Language Of Feelings

Price: $39.95

TITLE:  The Secret Language Of Feelings

AUTHOR:  Calvin D. Banyan

ISBN:  9780971229051

FORMAT:  Paperback

Cal Banyan Informs:  Talking About The Secret Language of Feelings

Cal will tell your listeners/viewers in a fun and interesting way how to:

  • Quickly and simply identify what they really want.

  • Overcome anxiety, sadness, depression and more.

  • Set themselves free from bad habits, compulsions and addictions.

  • Use a simple three-step approach to taking back control!

Understanding, The Secret Language of Feelings, will show your listeners/viewers how to completely change how they look at feelings and emotions!  They will learn a "rational approach" working with emotions.  For too long they have suppressed and tried to cope with feelings, which has led to stress, bad habits and addictions.

Your listeners/viewers will be amazed at how easily they can, eliminate bad habits and take back control of how they feel, really create more happiness and satisfaction in their lives.

Cal is an inspiration...  Evelyn Boon, M.A., C.M.A.C., Certified Hypnotherapist - Singapore

has the right amount of seriousness and humour - so essential for a Great Teacher.  There was never a dull moment!   Anita Kashyap, B.A., Certified Hypnotherapist - Singapore 

Cal is a teacher of teachers.  He really shares his gifts and is not holding back.  He believes in what he is teaching and it shows through by using it daily in his life.  Angela M. Rohling, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Massage Therapist - MN

Cal is unquestionably a master, in the rarest sense of the word.  Nobody conveys more insights and wisdom in a field in which Cal is definitely at the TOP OF THE HEAP.   Robert Kracauer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Massachusetts