Farewell To Anxiety

Price: $19.95

TITLE:  Farewell To Anxiety

AUTHOR:  Marcia & Olivier Becherel

ISBN:  9780980533842

FORMAT:  Paperback

Anxiety, the plague of the 21st century, consuming the energy and power of many people, can now be easily, rapidly and effortlessly tackled effectively in simplicity.

In Farewell to Anxiety: 7 Quick and Simple Steps to Rid Yourself of Anxiety, Marcia and Olivier share a series of tips that will enable you to understand How you create your own stress and anxiety.

This little book is a quick and easy read that will provide you with practical, simple and rapid answers to overcoming stress and anxiety. Blast through limiting beliefs and negative emotions, and discover hidden potentialities, thus enabling you to experience a joyful and anxiety-free life.