Coffee Oracle

Price: $26.95

TITLE:  Coffee Oracle

AUTHOR:  Stacey Demarco

ISBN:  9781401918187

FORMAT:  Paperback

Finally todays coffee drinkers can use their favourite brew to reveal the future! At last oracle reading is not limited to the old-fashioned cuppas; cappuccinos, flat whites and even espressos can be read. Stacey Demarcos handy guide to coffee reading is based on the wisdom of her Greek aunts who taught her to read a traditional cup as a young girl, and she has since expanded this medium to include the modern café culture.

This book lists hundreds of common symbols that can be found in the foam, the crème or bottom of your cup. There are a variety of photos demonstrating the appearance of symbols, and the importance of their position. Its an easy and fun reference book that can be enjoyed during the ritual of your morning coffee or whenever you need guidance. This book will take coffee drinking to another level and will be a great conversation starter amongst friends and work colleagues! Works for all types of coffee including cappuccinos, flat whites, espressos, etc.

A Do-It-Yourself oracle reading with every coffee. Easy to learn and read modern and classical symbols. Includes colour photos depicting coffee images in the cup. Contains a comprehensive symbol listing and interpretations.SALES & MARKETING Stacey will participate in a national media campaign including radio and television appearances. Frequent workshop programs to take place during 2009. National in-store book-signings, demonstrations, promotions and giveaways, plus free on-site readings conducted by the author. The book will be advertised in both the Sydney and Melbourne editions of The Coffee Guide 2009 on sale September 2008.


Stacey Demarco has always had a passion for weaving ancient intuitive sciences and philosophies for modern every day use. Once described by the media as the Thinking Womans Witch she is the author of two previously successful books, Witch in the Boardroom and Witch in the Bedroom. Stacey is very popular in the media and continually appears in national television programs, magazines and radio networks. She will be on the panel of a brand new television program titled The One.

The first episode will air on Channel 7 at 7.30pm, Tuesday 8 July, 2008. Hosted by Andrew Daddo, the programme will feature seven of Australia's top psychics in a quest to determine who is the most gifted. It will challenge the way we think about psychic phenomena.

Stacey Demarco is the foundation member of the Australian Psychics Association and has a worldwide reputation as a spiritual practitioner.