Druid 11 by Medwyn Goodall

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Music + DVD's: Druid 11 by Medwyn Goodall

Druid was one of the classic New Age albums of the 1990s, much loved and critically acclaimed. With this sequel Druid 11, Medwyn Goodall treats us to the same depth of mystery and atmosphere as the original.

Artist:  Medwyn Goodall
Title:  Druid 11
Format:  CD

Druid 11 - Runestone also guest perform celebrating one of the most popular pagan themed CDs ever created. Once again Medwyn Goodall inspires us all with the standing stones and folk lore of his native homeland Cornwall.


 1.  Nine Maiden Chronicles Part 1
 2.  Nine Maiden Chronicles Part 2
 3.  Nine Maiden Chronicles Part 3
 4.  Full Moon Gathering
 5.  Where Pathways Meet
 6.  The Sunwise Path
 7.  The Circle Cast
 8.  Nine Maiden Chronicles Part 4