Powerful Protection Magic by Dr. Gary Brodsky

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Magic: Powerful Protection Magic by Dr. Gary Brodsky

Title:  Powerful Protection Magic
Author: Dr. Gary Brodsky
Isbn:  9780942272772
Format:  Paperback, 118 Pages
Category: Magic

Powerful Protection Magic by Dr. Gary Brodsky. Are you worried? Frightened? In pain? Pursued by enemies of both light and shadow? Are there lawyers clawing their way toward you? Do you have financial crises, troubles with the law, health problems and romantic frustrations... is your life cascading out of your control? Does it seem as if all doors are closed to you, that there are simply no avenues of safety available anymore?

If the dark grip of despair is crushing you, do not despair. At last there is something you can do about it. In this ground-breaking step toward understanding the protective powers of magic, Dr. Gary Brodsky reveals to you the ancient lore of magical protections, bringing together spells and rituals from many disciplines (Santeria, Palo, Wicca). In an easy to read and understand manner the rituals provided in this comprehensive volume can help you escape the dangers that are hounding you.

Elude your enemies, safeguard your family, solve your financial woes, ensure your health and that of those you love - protect every single aspect of your life with this amazing book!

In this book the world reknown Dr. Gary Brodsky shows the world the most complete glossary of protection spells, using Orishas and Wicca.