Practice of Magic, An Introductory Guide to the Art by Draja Mickaharic

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Magic: Practice of Magic, An Introductory Guide to the Art by Draja Mickaharic

Title: Practice of Magic, An Introductory Guide to the Art
Author: Draja Mickaharic
Isbn: 978-0877288077
Format: Paperback, 152 Pages
Category: Magic

Practice of Magic by Draja Mickaharic. How does magic work? This and many other questions can be answered by reading this book. Draja Mickaharic outlines how to prepare to practice, how the primary instruments of the magician are developed and cared for,and a sample exercise to give you something to practice.

Draja Mickaharic offers a broad overview of the theory and practice of various kinds of ritual and ceremonial magic, outlines the basic principles that constitute a magical act and describes the qualities and abilities that distinguish an individual as a true magician.
Review By M. James
Practice of Magic: An Introductory Guide to the Art (Paperback)
Draja Mickaharic is one of the few authors writing on the subject of magic today who isn't afraid to say what should be on everyone's mind: if it doesn't work physical results, then its not magic.

This simple, common sense approach to the subject permeates Mr. Mickaharic's book. This isn't an exhaustive introduction, but a precise one. In it, he describes briefly the preliminary training required (2-4 years is a suggested minimum); then goes on to introduce the topics of religious magic, ceremonial magic, deific magic, necromancy, astral projection, elemental magic, and natural magic. He also provides concise practical exercises that are easy to understand.

It should be noted that this book is an introduction, a concise summary of magic. As such, it doesn't go into very much detail on any one topic. But if one is looking for a concise, no-nonsense introduction to this subject, this is a good place to start.
By A Customer
Practice of Magic: An Introductory Guide to the Art (Paperback)
Had I got this book before changing religions I would have known where I was going. Then again, had most religious people known what spiritual development they would have been able to better direct and guide their people.

I have found that most people change their religion or lose faith because they have begun a spiritual transformation or evolution. We all go through this regardless of what age. But the difference is now for most people in these days and times is that we are in a new age (not to be confused with the New Age Movement).

This new age has a lot of people desiring to be better and wanting to walk the planet as the great sages and saviors have done. Unfortunately, many religious leaders aren't aware of this so as a result people leave their religious groups in search of answers to improve their spiritual and physical life.

Practice of Magic: An Introductory Guide to the Art explains the different groups that the person in search of 'spirituality' will come across. This is a fantastic book that I always refer others to when they are searching for their spiritual self. Because many people think that it is all about doing magic when in actuality, magical workings are just the beginning.