Noel Tyl's Guide To Astrological Consultation

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Astrology Books:  Noel Tyl's Guide To Astrological Consultation

Emphasizing the horoscope as a reflection of an individual, he demonstrates how to transform astrological data into a vivid personality portrait. Noel Tyl's thoughtful discussion includes peregrine planets, the lunar nodal axis, midpoints, aspects, and how they relate to the evolving life reality of an individual.

Title:  Noel Tyl's Guide To Astrological Consultation
Author:  Noel Tyl
Isbn:  9780738710495
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

Noel Tyl's Guide To Astrological Consultation:  Once you understand the astrological chart, it's time to bring order and clarity to your consultations with clients. Renowned astrologer Noel Tyl explores astrological interpretation as an art form.

Noel Tyl also provides a cohesive, effective format for meeting with clients. Actual case studies of the author's consultations-including dialogue and natal chart-highlight sharp astrological interpretation and the nuances of this delicate person-to-person interaction.


Before ordering Noel Tyl's Guide To Astrological Consultation I was quite familiar with the content because I got deep insight reading it from a friend. Noel Tyl writes in a very good style, very accurate in his preparation and the structure of his books as well as his consultations are built up quite properly. Noel Tyl is the first astrologer I read who is able to show the whole picture not only in analyizing but helping the clients also. Since all his books are built upon logic they really make sense therefore easy to understand.