Cutting Loose

Price: $5.00

AUTHOR:  Ashton Applewhite

TITLE:   Cutting Loose

PUBLISHER:  Harer Perrenial


YEAR:  1998

ISBN:  9780060928889

DESCRIPTION:  Excellent S/H Paperback

"CUTTING LOOSE takes a fresh, and certainly controversial, look at divorce, incorporating advice, helpful information, and uplifting and honest narratives from fifty or so women who left their husbands. These women are not weighed down by guilt and regret and rightfully so, because clearly they, like many women who divorce, did not take their decision lightly.

Many spent months, even years, weighing the consequences before ending their relationships, often consulting a therapist for guidance (while many of their husbands refused marriage counseling). No wonder that despite the pain, the guilt, and sometimes heavy financial losses, these women are doing so well. Moreover, so are their kids. As Applewhite points out, divorce doesn't devastate children; neglectful and inadequate parenting does, and that can exist in intact families.

It's about time women in bad marriages had a book that shows them that divorce can be a positive experience in the long run for them, their children, even their husbands.
What a refreshing, positive view of a difficult subject. --Nancy Darrow, well-adjusted child of divorce"!