Making Sense Of Sufffering

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AUTHOR:  J. Konrad Stettbacher

TITLE:  Making Sense Of Sufffering


YEAR:  1991

ISBN:  978052593358

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Stettbacher, a Swiss psychotherapist, undertakes a thoughtful inquiry into the psychological causes of "primal wounds." These psychological traumas, endured during birth or early childhood, result in the repression of painful memories in the unconscious mind and can cause emotional distress and difficulty many years later. Stettbacher contends that healing these deep unconscious memories requires bringing them into conscious awareness.

In order to facilitate this process, he suggests a four-step program of primal therapy, which he employs in his psychotherapy practice. Stettbacher provides a thorough but nontechnical explanation of his therapy, and his four steps are simple enough for anyone to learn. Recommended for self-help collections.
- Elizabeth Salt, Otterbein Coll. Lib., Westerville, Ohio

Product Description
Swiss therapist Stettbacher provides a four-step program that enables adults to reconstruct their histories, find and heal their primal childhood traumas. Famed psychotherapist Alice Miller says, "I have undergone this therapy myself and felt its astonishing holistic effect on the body, mind, and emotions."