Healing Foods

Price: $6.00

AUTHOR:  Katherine Wright

TITLE:  Healing Foods

PUBLISHER:  Geddes & Grosset

YEAR:  2002

ISBN:  9781842051573

DESCRIPTION:  Paperback, S/H, excellent condition.

There has been a growing realisation that science & medicine do not have all the answers. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, there is universal agreement among nutritionists, doctors and scientists about the importance of diet in both the incidence and prevention of disease.

This book looks at the health enhancing & healing properties of a wide range of foods, helping to explain why these should be included in our daily diet. Individual entries contain a description of the food in question, its essential properties & health benefits, advice on how much should be eaten & cooking methods where appropriate.This excellent reference book allows anyone interested in their health & well being to make informed decisions on what foods to include in their diet.

Great advances have been made in medicine & science in recent years and there is no doubt that these advances have made and will continue to make an enormous difference to people's health & quality of life.