Tales Of Spirit, Tales Of Light

Price: $6.00

AUTHOR:  Arlene Williams

TITLE:  Tales Of Spirit, Tales Of Light

ISBN:  9780960544462

DESCRIPTION:  S/H Paperback, Has Stains on the top and bottom, however, the text is clean and bright, and the cover is excellent.

Tales of Spirit, Tales of Light: Mystical Stories for Older Children and Adults

A collection of twelve mystical stories for older children and adults, similar in tone to Fairy Tales for the New Age by the same author. They range in subject matter from the story of a boy who longs to talk with trees to that of a girl looking beyond death to the light of her grandmother's spirit.

Table of Contents

The Sapling Girl - Page 2

Great Imaginings - Page 14

The Window Boy - Page 24

The PuppetMaster - Page 40

Loving Voices - Page 51

The Earth Witch - Page 63

Waiting for Dragon - Page 78

A Time of Willingness - Page 89

Mama Eta - Page 98

Awake Among Whales - Page 112

The Heart of the Dragon - Page 125

The Endless Light -Page 138