Sevenfold Peace

Price: $6.00

AUTHOR:  Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

TITLE:  Sevenfold Peace

PUBLISHER:  H J Kramer Inc

YEAR:  1990

ISBN:  0915811286

DESCRIPTION:  S/H Paperback Excellent Condition

Sevenfold Peace brilliantly integrates the ancient wisdom of the Essenes with a new awareness of he urgent need for humankind to undergo a spiritual awakning.  By using the Sevenfold Peace as daily practice, the Essenes merged waking consciousness with their experience of God. 

In Sevenfold Peace, Dr. Cousens gives us the  keys to living a holistic life while at the same time connecting more fully to the life force of the universe.  No less a goal than world peace begins with change inside each one of us.