Ritual - Emma Restall Orr

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AUTHOR:  Emma Restall Orr

TITLE:  Ritual - Emma Restall Orr

ISBN:  9780722539705

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The word "ritual" summons up all sorts of associations, from Freemasonry to the Catholic mass to black magic. Emma Restall Orr's book is about none of these. Orr is joint chief of the British Druid Order, and it's from the Druids and the Bardic tradition that she draws her ideas for this deeply thoughtful book, aptly sub-titled "A guide to life, love and inspiration". Ritual, she says, is "the fine art of taking a break... It is the practice of reminding ourselves of the value and power of living.

It is that moment in which we stop and, looking around, understand that life is sacred." A love and respect for nature is fundamental to druidic spirituality; when selecting a place for a ritual, for example, Orr counsels that the spirits of the place should be asked first. Perhaps the most important word in the book is awen, "the flow of life energy that is the changing, growing, fruiting, dying nature of creation... It is possible to access this flow consciously, to use its power as a way of enthusing life, of finding freedom and freeing love." And this is what ritual achieves. Orr includes many simple but beautifully written accounts of her personal experiences, and her own informal rituals.

The longest chapter explores more formal group rituals for the eight festivals of the year; another chapter covers rites of passage, including welcoming and naming a baby, adolescence, marriage (and parting), elderhood and death. "Learning, growing, finding our soul nourishment, the world we live in is our own creativity," says Orr. "Ritual is a concentrated moment of that living." This is a warm, poetic and inspirational book, an excellent and thorough guide to the subject.--David V Barrett

Product Description
A highly readable and beautifully designed exploration of ritual, ideal for all those who wish to add a touch of spirituality into their daily lives. This has the potential to become a core book on modern ritual. Starting with an introduction to ritual and how it can be used, the book then describes the essential components that make a ritual potent and effective.

Although it is grounded in Druidry, it gives a basic framework for each ritual which encourages the practitioner to use the book within their own spiritual tradition. Inspirational and practical, the book includes ideas for rituals to celebrate a marriage, to welcome and name a child, to deal with grief, deepen one's creativity, understand the inner meaning of Christmas or simply light a candle to welcome the day.


Emma Restall Orr is a teacher and priestess with, arguably, one of the highest profiles of any Druid in the world today. She is a spokesperson for Druidry in the media as head of the international Druid Network, Chief of the Order of the Yew, and former Joint Chief of the British Druid Order. She teaches courses worldwide, and lectures at universities and conferences on Druidry, environmentalism, healing, and women's spirituality.

Emma founded Honouring the Ancient Dead, an advocacy group for ancient British human remains, looking at how they are and should be treated by archaeologists, museums and other heritage bodies. She founded and runs the Druid Camp with Mark Graham, held in the Forest of Dean - the largest gathering of Druids annually.