Practical Solitary magic

Price: $7.00

AUTHOR:  Nancy B. Watson

TITLE:  Practical Solitary magic

PUBLISHER:  Weiser Books

ISBN:  9780877288749

DESCRIPTION:  S/H Paperback very good condition, covered in clear contact.

The most sensible book on magic I've ever read!

This book is fantastic. Instead of just handing you some pre-written spells and rambling on about 80 different goddesses, Nancy Watson explains HOW magic works and WHY she recommends her particular methods. Watson explains the use of symbolism, elements, and magical application in an easy-to understand-manner.

She doesn't put on airs (her name is Nancy, not Lady MoonRaven Skydreamer, or whatever), nor does she get bogged down in religiosity (though her book allows you to use your chosen deities). Get this book, especially if popular Wiccan books cause you to raise a skeptical eyebrow.