Power of Intention

Price: $7.00

AUTHOR:         Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

TITLE:              Power of Intention

PUBLISHER:    Hay House

PLACE:            Australia

YEAR:              2004

ISBN:               9781401902162

DESCRIPTION: Second-hand Copy in Excellent Condition!

According to Dyer, "Motivation is when you get an idea yourself and then you put motion to it...and you feel like a driving force to go out and accomplish something....Inspiration is the opposite of motivation. It's what happens when an idea gets a hold of you…and you feel almost compelled to let that idea carry you....Intention is...a field of energy that we connect to, which will carry us, rather than something that we will do....Everything just flow[s]. That's what happens when you get inspired." Within Dyer's newest publication, he often refers to this "power of intention" as being the actual driving force of the universe, one that we can all learn to tap into to aid in co-creating our life.